The Aveltray Story: How we’re making social games for a new generation

In a world where entertainment is becoming increasingly digital, Aveltray is at the forefront of creating unique and immersive social games. Our story began with a bright idea – to create a platform that would bring people of different ages and interests together in an exciting world of virtual adventures.

We pride ourselves on the fact that every game developed by our team not only offers entertainment, but also encourages social interaction. Our goal is to create a place where players can not only enjoy the game, but also find new friends, share experiences and create unique gaming moments together.

IThe Aveltray team is made up of creative and ambitious professionals who share a common passion for gaming and innovation. We are committed to continuous improvement and development to ensure that every game released under our brand brings joy and satisfaction to our users.

We are convinced that the true quality of a game is not only visual effects and interesting story, but also the ability to create a community of like-minded people around you. We invite you to join Aveltray and be part of our exciting journey in the world of social gaming!