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Explore the mysterious expanses of Egypt with Cleopatra: new from Aveltray

“Cleopatra” is our newest game that invites you to embark on an exciting adventure through ancient Egypt. Immerse yourself in the magic of this amazing era and become part of the great events that took place under the rule of the legendary queen.

Exciting quests, riddles and mysteries to uncover await you in “Cleopatra”. Explore ancient pyramids, mysterious temples and enigmatic corners of Egyptian cities to uncover all their secrets and win the glory of great explorers.

Our development team has paid great attention to detail so that every player can feel a part of the ancient world. From stunning graphics to a gripping story, “Cleopatra” offers you a unique gaming experience you won’t forget.

Join us in “Cleopatra” and embark on a thrilling journey through an ancient world where every step is filled with danger and mystery. Discover the majesty of ancient Egypt and become a legend in the world of “Cleopatra”!